The Republican Party is the Entity to be Feared, Not Trump himself

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Last Saturday was a great day. Democracy, decency and hope prevailed, and much of the world erupted into spontaneous dance and celebration, so reviled is Donald Trump. As great as it feels to celebrate, my utter relief and joy is mixed with anger and sadness.

Relief and joy, because we voted out Trump and elected a historic presidential ticket; but anger and sadness, because Trumpism remains — a festering presence rotting our democratic institutions. Don’t get me wrong. Biden and Harris’s win was hugely important and, of course…

Responses to Common Republican Talking Points from an Anxious, Sleepless Democrat

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  1. “But I am fiscally conservative, and aren’t Republicans better at handling the economy?”
  • Well, have I got news for you! Because the GOP has historically championed lower taxes, big business and free market economics, voters often assume that they are better at handling the economy, but the data shows otherwise. When it comes to jobs creation, median income and the stock market, Democratic administrations have fared better, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Office of Management and Budget, the US Census (all official government numbers from government agencies) and CNBC (for stock market data). In comparing…

Maggie LaFiura

writer + lawyer; politics junkie; food enthusiast; entrepreneur.

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